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Legacy Media
Legacy Media
February 27 2018 | No Comments |

I work with a lot of tech heads and people who are looking to disrupt the current financial and technological landscape, most of them are incredibly cynical about the large media groups to the extent that many will trust some questionable news source [...]

The rush of the quick image.
February 09 2018 | No Comments |

I've never tried heroine, but I imagine the kick I get when I finish a big illustration project is something like your first smack high.   The subtext on my website "Ï make things" is legit - I get a buzz out of making stuff. Creatives ha [...]

The rush of the quick image.
A Taste of Things to Come
January 31 2018 | No Comments |

This year I'm working on a solo exhibition, tentatively slated for November. The plan is to create a series of these walking mecha cities, exploring the "personality" of each city with iconic imagery and architecture. For each one I'm recording the p [...]


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