Some of my favourite projects


Well, this just got “real”.
June 23 2017 | No Comments |

So a few months ago I was asked to help create a real 4m wide model of one of my recnt images for IMI Precision Engineering. Then it was called off because the client didn't have the budget.   Today I discover that it went ahead and got ma [...]

The best part of this work
June 20 2017 | No Comments |

Probably the most gratifying part of my work is randomly encountering it out in the wild and seeing people react to it. I rarely bother with LinkedIn, but last week I checked in this image popped up when someone I'm connected to commented on a post b [...]

October 24 2016 | No Comments |

So, a series of illustrations I've been working on for the last few months is coming to fruition - with the first of them being animated. Check it out here.   It's still a bit rough, but daaamn I'm excited. [...]


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