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The rush of the quick image.
The rush of the quick image.
February 09 2018 | No Comments |

I've never tried heroine, but I imagine the kick I get when I finish a big illustration project is something like your first smack high.   The subtext on my website "Ï make things" is legit - I get a buzz out of making stuff. Creatives ha [...]

A Taste of Things to Come
January 31 2018 | No Comments |

This year I'm working on a solo exhibition, tentatively slated for November. The plan is to create a series of these walking mecha cities, exploring the "personality" of each city with iconic imagery and architecture. For each one I'm recording the p [...]

The Societal Myth
September 09 2017 | No Comments |

I've been going through some stuff personally recently, at a time when my workload is bonkers. This comic resonated with me - in my experience there is zero truth in the unhappy artist stereotype: when your unhappy you have no motivation to execute g [...]


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