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In September 2018 I gave a presentation at the World Blockchain Forum in London on the importance of design in crypto projects - specifically for Token Sales


My best kept secret
November 29 2018 | No Comments |

Posting my work to various web sites or even showing it to people around the office, many people don't know or realise that shoot most of the raw material in my images myself. This first came up while I was working on my new image - a wedge tail e [...]

The work of Pietro Smurra
August 03 2018 | No Comments |

Right now I'm seriously digging the work of Pietro Smurra. His compositing and shading skills are truly next level. It's really a level that I want to take my work to in terms of the scene that surrounds the primary subject of my collages. Looking f [...]

The work of Pietro Smurra
Schrödinger’s Project Paradox
Schrödinger’s Project Paradox
August 01 2018 | No Comments |

Recently I've run into a problem with clients consistently demanding that I am not allowed to show off work once it is live. Aside from me really wanting to show off work that I am proud of, the bigger issue is that if I can't showcase work it become [...]


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