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In September 2018 I gave a presentation at the World Blockchain Forum in London on the importance of design in crypto projects - specifically for Token Sales


The work of Pietro Smurra
The work of Pietro Smurra
August 03 2018 | No Comments |

Right now I'm seriously digging the work of Pietro Smurra. His compositing and shading skills are truly next level. It's really a level that I want to take my work to in terms of the scene that surrounds the primary subject of my collages. Looking f [...]

Schrödinger’s Project Paradox
August 01 2018 | No Comments |

Recently I've run into a problem with clients consistently demanding that I am not allowed to show off work once it is live. Aside from me really wanting to show off work that I am proud of, the bigger issue is that if I can't showcase work it become [...]

Schrödinger’s Project Paradox
Look Ma, I’m on TV!
July 26 2018 | No Comments |

Recently I did a short interview with Nick Parker, who is creating a series of interviews looking to bridge the divide between business and creative mindsets. I was the pilot and first in the series. Pretty cool, once I got over the weirdness of watc [...]


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