Some of my favourite projects


The Societal Myth
September 09 2017 | No Comments |

I've been going through some stuff personally recently, at a time when my workload is bonkers. This comic resonated with me - in my experience there is zero truth in the unhappy artist stereotype: when your unhappy you have no motivation to execute g [...]

Timelapse Video
August 20 2017 | No Comments |

I recently finished a personal project that I'm quite proud of. This time I captured the creation of it and created a 60 second time lapse of it, hope you enjoy. [...]

The work of Hamish Cooper
The work of Hamish Cooper
August 02 2017 | No Comments |

My current professional crush is Hamish Cooper - his work is amazing in it's rendering of light and colour. This visualisation he released in June is fantastic, there's certainly more than a few aspects I want to bring out in some of my own work. [...]


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