Balance and Progression

I’ve been reflecting a lot recently on balance and developing personal projects – client work brings in the cash, but personal work moves you forward and, in my experience at least, attracts even better work.


The last 12 months have been the busiest in my career so far, and consequently I’ve rarely had the energy or motivation to actually finish a personal project: I have started several in the last 12 months but finished only one of them. The chronic problem is that most of my work is massively time consuming, so doing a personal project after hours involves chipping away at it, meaning it can take months to finish and in that time I often lose interest or find something else that grabs my attention.


So, in the last month I’ve made a conscious decision to set aside one full day a week and spend it on a personal project, rationalising it as development and insurance of future work, investment, to keep my style evolving and fresh.

The result is the Too Many Zooz project I’ve just added.

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