The rush of the quick image.

I’ve never tried heroine, but I imagine the kick I get when I finish a big illustration project is something like your first smack high.


The subtext on my website “Ï make things” is legit – I get a buzz out of making stuff. Creatives have different things that motivate them, whether love of the art itself it’s altering the world around them or perhaps the legitimisation that comes from hundreds or thousands of people liking your stuff on social (seems very common with photographers in particular).  I draw on all of these to varying extents, but mostly it’s the satisfaction finishing a project and seeing it take real, physical form.

It’s been a couple of months since I’ve finished one of my big images, but in the last week I’ve finished 3 small projects and done quite a bit of travel photography in just the last 9 days – 2 magazine covers and an album cover. The feeling is comparable, but the gratification of pulling it together so quickly surprised me a bit.


Feels good man.

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