Adobe taking over the stock world

Last June Adobe launched Adobe Stock – it’s a solid service well aimed to compete with the giants in the space like iStock and Shutterstock. Given their increasing integration with their creative applications, it may well have the right stuff to properly dominate.


However, the other thing they are doing is buying out the smaller, cheaper end competitors in the space. A few weeks ago they bought out and shut down one that I often used – Dollar Photo Club.


Dollarphoto club was basically a cheap stock site that seemed to largely be stock that didn’t quite make the cut on bigger sites for one reason or another, but were still perfectly sharp images. As the name suggests, the images were $1 each. This was very useful to me, as often I need many odd or random components from images that don’t need to be at the quality of high end sites (which I also regularly use). Maybe a single pipe or a hill top, a single building from a larger vista. Items where its hard to justify the cost of paying $25+ for.


Working on my first major project ince the shutdown now, this is¬†frustrating as hell. Also frustrating is regular spam I get from Adobe trying to convince me to join their service, at the moment I won’t be joining out of spite since I’ve seen how many other sites Adobe has bought up to drive people to their site.

The upside of this that now I find myself much more active with my camera while I am out and about, snapping random things that I think might be useful in future.

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