Josh Dykgraaf
Photoshop gun for hire


I love creating things that people can engage with. Whether that is art, illustration or brands.

My most recent exhibition, “Terraform”. Photo credit: Nicola Bernardi

My most recent exhibition, “Terraform”. Photo credit: Nicola Bernardi


Josh Dykgraaf

So, by the time you’ve reached this page you’ve probably noticed I’m nuts about image manipulation and all things Photoshop.

My personal work (and much of my commercial work)
features manipulation of my own photography.

My real passion though is creating things that have an impact on people. All the effort is worth it when I see someone double-take at my work. The buzz I get from that moment can keep me going for days, imagining the viewer reconsidering the limits of the world or just investigating the details of my work.

I’ve been working as a full time freelance illustrator since 2012 and was originally trained in graphic design and photography. I recently completed my first solo exhibition in Melbourne Australia at FortyFiveDownstairs gallery on Flinders Lane.

Hit me up and let’s talk about how we can have an impact on your audience.



Want to know more?
Here’s a few videos of me talking about my work

Nick Parker thought I’d be a good person to talk to about brand creation.

I developed the brand for the World Blockchain Forum,
and was then asked to speak about branding for Blockchain projects.